Writing CV to an employer is the first step toward your dream job. After submitting the corrected CV, getting an interview call is an opportunity to showcase your skills, qualifications, and interest in the job to the employer. These are the determining factors in whether or not you get hired. In today’s competitive job market, I am sharing rules for CV writing to get an interview call


01. The same CV cannot be sent for the different jobs:

The first rule for CV writing is don’t send the same CV everywhere, then you are wrong. The applicant must understand the nature of the circulated job and need to customize your CV based on the job’s nature. When you are going to apply through the job portal, apply to the email address given on the job circular. Make sure you have customized your CV as per the nature of the job before sending it by mail.


02. Everything in life should not be included in your CV:

We accomplished many things in our life. If you were a champion in interscholastic basketball, is this necessary to mention in your CV? What is the answer to this question? When you apply for a job, be sure to include only the information related to that job.

03. Need not to explain the Study /Career gap in your CV:

There may be gaps in your studies or in your career, but these are not necessary to explain in your CV. However, you should take your preparation seriously, as a recruiter may ask you about these facts.

04. Check grammatical errors or typos in your CV:

How would you feel if someone else spelled your name wrong? The company always wants to maintain its reputation. Spelling mistakes can be harmful to a company’s further reputation and ongoing business, so the company should judge you as a risky choice due to your misspelling. HR’s First Choice 100% accurate (without spelling and grammatical mistakes) CV, so you must take extra care with it. If needed take the help of the excellent apps Grammarly or QuillBot

 05. Avoid using excessive graphics:

Follow a specific CV format to capture your education, skills, and experience. Avoid using too many icons or graphics. If you are looking for a post designer like this, then the matter is different.

06. Attach a professional photo to your CV:

A decent and professional photo expresses your personality. Feel free to tilt your router a bit. Professional photos influence recruiters, and they will connect with you during an interview through your most recent photo.

07. Follow the perfect CV Size:

It is best to have a one-page CV for those who are fresher .made a reservation. However, with increasing experience, the CV size can also be increased. Keep up the good work, if you are an amazing professional. After joining the job, you have achieved great things and received many bonuses and promotions. Then it may not be a big deal about the CV size.  A young professional’s CV should have 2-3 pages.

08. Include some catchy titles:

Many applicants prepare a very informative CV, including their parents’ names, spouses’ or children’s information, blood group, and marital status. They don’t consider what recruiters expect these pieces of information to do.  According to a survey, a recruiter takes only six seconds to screen a CV. So within six seconds, you need to attract an employer with some catchy titles, like your achievements.

09. Write the resume on your own:

Many applicants employ professional resume writers to write their resumes these days. The best way to write a resume on your own. As we have mentioned already for different jobs CVs should be customized according to Job criteria. So when you need to edit your CV each time. How much will you spend every time? If any help is needed during your CV writing, get it from a qualified person and learn how they did it.

10. Cover letter must be enclosed along with CV:

Of the total rules for CV writing, one is the most important but that we miss, we almost never include a cover letter in the email body. An applicant for a single cover letter is different from all other applicants. A cover letter is the only way for employers to get an idea of why you are the best fit for this job.

If a cover letter is requested, attach this to the mail; if not, write the cover letter in the mail body. The cover letter format should follow a simple application for the job.

On above have discussed the 10 golden rules for CV writing . Follow this rules to get interview call more frequently than others .


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