Top 100 Garment Buying Houses in Bangladesh:

Garment buying houses act as a bridge that connects apparel buyers (retailers) and garment manufacturers. Bangladesh is well known for its high-quality ready-made garment industry. The ready-made garment (RMG) industry is the leading source of foreign currency earnings for Bangladesh, which is more than 80% of the total export earnings.

History of Garment Buying Houses in Bangladesh:

Garment buying house business in Bangladesh started in the early 1980s when the country’s textile and garment industry began to develop. At that time, there were few buyers sourced from Bangladesh, and most of them were from Europe. These buyers needed local support to source products and ensure quality control, which led to the emergence of the buying house business.

The first Garmet buying houses in Bangladesh was established in the mid-1980s. Initially, these buying houses were small and operated as agents for foreign buyers. Once upon a time, Bangladeshi buying houses provided a small range of services, including sample development, arranging production, and maintaining quality control. Over time, the buying houses established themselves in size and number. Now, buying houses is an integral part of the garment industry.

Bangladesh’s Garment buying house industry grew significantly in the 1990s as the nation established itself as a leading supplier of garments to the international market. When more and more international retailers and brands started sourcing their products from Bangladesh, the buying house industry developed into a key mediator between buyers and manufacturers.

Bangladesh’s Garmet buying house industry is becoming pretty advanced and competitive. There are already thousands of buying houses in the country, ranging in size from little entrepreneurs to significant international companies. Now, a wide range of services, such as production process, sourcing, quality control, logistics, and compliance management, are mostly provided by these buying houses.

They are essential to the nation’s garment industry, which contributes significantly to the nation’s economy and accounts for around 80% of its export earnings. From them, we have listed the Top 100 Garment Buying Houses in Bangladesh.

How many Garment Buying Houses in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has over three thousand registered buying houses, which support garment manufacturers in all aspects of the apparel business. Bangladesh is currently the world’s second-largest garment exporter, with a total value of approximately $50.00 million dollars
According to the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers Association (BGMEA), approximately one thousand of its associated members are registered as buying houses.

There is another association,  Bangladesh Garments Buying House Association (BGBA) which has a thousand & five hundred registered members.

From these Top 100 Garment Buying Houses in Bangladesh, most of those listed are foreign and multinational buying houses, considering brand reputation and value, yearly turnover, and social compliance issues.

Buying house ”Cherry Field” works with Spanish reputed brand River Island.
  1. Next Sourcing ltd
  2. ZXY Apparel Buying Solutions Ltd
  3. Wool Worths (H.K) Procurement Ltd
  4. Tesco International Sourcing
  5. Puls Trading Far East Ltd
  6. Asmara (BD) Pvt. Ltd
  7. Debenhams Hong Kong Ltd
  8. Etam Int’l Sourcing
  9. Comtextile (HK) Ltd
  10. Tex-Ebo Internation Pte Ltd
  11. Kiabi International Supply Services
  12. Li & Fung (Bangladesh) Ltd
  13. VF Asia Ltd
  14. Team Sourcing Company Ltd
  15. Cherryfield Trading Ltd
  16. TEMA Magazacilik Hiz. Tic. A.S.
  17. WMGS Services Limited
  18. Mustang International Limited
  19. Crossline Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd
  20. Synergies Sourcing Bangladesh Ltd
  21. Koton Bangladesh Ltd
  22. Shelsham Trading Co. Ltd.
  23. Sears Buyign Services, Inc.
  24. SRG Apparel Plc
  25. Linmark Internationa(Bangladesh) Ltd.
  26. Esprit De Corp (Far East) Ltd.
  27. Williams Ltd
  28. Bodyline (Far East) Ltd
  29. Chavi Bangladesh Ltd
  30. Kmart Australia Limited
  31. Malu Bangladesh
  32. Best Sellers Int limited
  33. Patrick International Corporation Ltd
  34. Kento Asia Ltd
  35. Marks & Spencer Bangladesh
  36. Linmark Int’l (Bangladesh) Ltd.
  37. Tom Tailor Sourcing Ltd.
  38. Comtextile (HK) Ltd
  39. Triton Textile Bangladesh Ltd.
  40. Perry Ellis International Inc
  41. Winners Creations Ltd
  42. Centro Tex Limited
  43. Styletex Trading
  44. s.Oliver Bernd Freier GmbH & CO. KG
  45. Puma
  46. C&A
  47. Lindex Bangladesh Liaison Office
  48. PVH-Phillips Von Heuson
  49. Levi-Strauss
  50. Wal-Mart
  51. GAP
  52. Grenville
  53. Spider Group
  54. Katag
  55. Shobi fashion
  56. Target Sourcing Services
  57. Far East Textiles & Clothing
  58. Debenhams Hong Kong ltd
  59. Calvin Klein
  60. Promoda Apparels Ltd.
  61. Norwest Industries Ltd
  62. Kiabi International Supply Services
  63. SRG Apparel Plc
  64. Mustang Associates Ltd.
  65. El Corte Ingles
  66. Peek & Cloppenburg KG Düsseldorf
  67. G-Star RAW
  68. Just Group Bangladesh Ltd
  69. Wing Fat Enterprises
  70. Hermes-OTTO International (H.K Ltd)
  71. Mothercare
  72. Nafisa Int’l Trading (BD) Ltd
  73. Trucare FZC
  74. OVS S.p.A.
  75. Far East Sterling Ltd
  76. LC Waikiki
  77. Poeticgem International
  78. Big W Asia Sourcing
  79. Losan (Sonae)
  80. Macy’s
  81. Verner Retail ( Bangladesh)
  82. Gerry Weber Far East Ltd
  83. ARP Trading House
  84. WS Team
  85. Nak Fashion & Textiles
  86. Contempo Overseas Ltd
  87. Miles Bangladesh Liasion Office
  88. Indesore Trading Ltd
  89. Metro Group Buying HK Limited
  90. Luke Dhaka Co. Ltd.
  91. Signet Enterprises Ltd
  92. Wilson Imports (BD) Ltd
  93. Big W Asia, Bangladesh
  94. Carrefour Global Sourcing 
  95. Coop Global Sourcing Ltd 
  96. Design Tex Ltd 
  97. Takko Holding GMBH
  98. Kiwi Fashion Ltd 
  99. The Cotton Group 
  100. Dongyi Sourcing Ltd

How to Be a registered member of BGMEA for the Buying House?

The top listed garment buying houses are the associate member of BGMEA in Bangladesh.
You will need to submit below set of documents to BGMEA authority to become a proud member of them.

 1. Application for Associate Member in the Letter Head Pad as per written instruction by BGMEA

2. Payable amount of 40,000 T.K in favor of BGMEA Dhaka through Pay order/ Bank draft / BGMEA Bank Account.

3.     Photocopy of Trade License duly attested by Lien Bank.

4.     Photocopy of Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Incorporation Certificate/Partnership deed duly attested by Lien Bank

5.     Specimen Signature of buying house owners/ managing Partners with photographs duly attested by Lien Bank

6.     National ID/Passport Photocopy of buying house owners/ managing Partners

7.     Photocopy of TIN certificate duly attested by Lien Bank

8.     Rental agreement deed / Purchase docs for the Buying office.

9.     Board of Investment (BIDA) Permission applicable foreign-invested /Joint Venture Company

10. A work permit is given by the Board of Investment (BIDA) for foreign investors buying houses.


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