Knit trouser consumption formula:

To calculate the fabric consumption of knit trousers, leggings, or long pants, we must first check the knit bottom measurement chart (also adding sewing allowance) and fabric specification from the technical sheet of the garment provided by the buyer.
Let’s consider product specifications as given below:
1. 100% cotton Single jersey fabric for Bottom, GSM 160
2. 100% cotton Single jersey fabric for side pockets, GSM 160
Now, let’s calculate total fabric consumption by the Formula of knitted trousers for Basic Size 152:
knit trouser consumption formula
Knit trouser measurements

Here are knit trousers, leggings, or long pants consumption formula:

1. Fabric Consumption for Bottom:
(ISL+Allownce+FR+Allow+WB+Allow)X(1/2 Thai+Allow) X4 X GSM X12  KGS/Dozen
(67.5 + 5+17.5+2+4+4) X (33 +4) X 4X 160 X12  Kgs/Dozen
100 X 37 X 4 X 160 X12  Kgs/Dozen
=2.84 Kgs/Dozen

2. Fabric Consumption Side Pockets:

(Pocket Length + Allow X Pocket Width+ Allow) X4X160X12 Kg/Dozen
(13+ 4) X (10.5+4) X4X160X12  KG/Dozen)
=0.19 KG/Dozen

>Now we need to add Total consumption as the Bottom part & side pockets

=2.84 +0.19

Now adding fabric Wastage 10% on it  

=3.03 X10%
=3.33 Kgs/Dozen

Answer: Following the above-knit trouser consumption formula, consumption 3.33 kgs/Dozen.

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