To wake up early in the morning :

It’s possible to love waking up in the morning even if you have never been a morning person.
You might not believe it, but right now you may be thinking, “That might be true for early birds, but trust me, I am just not a morning person.” I follow the simple six steps, you should do the same way;

To wake up early in the morning_ follow these 06 simple steps:

Step 1: Determination to wake up:

The first key to waking up is to Motivate to wake up in the early morning. This motivation before your sleep at previous night there is a positive impact on your mind. You should consciously motivate yourself every night to wake up early the next morning 

Step 2: Give Away Your Electronics:

Turn off all of your electronics (TV, computer, smartphone), which emit a blue light that can hinder your body from producing the melatonin hormone that makes people sleepy. When you wish to fall asleep, dim your bedroom light an hour before. In this way, you will fall asleep early and naturally start waking up early. Apply rules in your life. Go to bed early and rise early.

Step 3: Keep far your Alarm Clock:

Keep your alarm clock far from your body so that you need to walk across the room to stop the alarm in the morning. This technique forces you to get out of bed and will help to start your movement. When you walk to stop the alarm this motion will create energy for you.

Step 4: Drink Water:

Every morning, your body becomes dehydrated due to not taking any water last six to eight hours during your sleep. In most cases, people who feel tired need more water for their bodies, and may not need more sleep. So it must be needed to drink more water to gain energy as early as possible from waking up from bed.

Step 5: Splash much water on the Face

Afterward, enter your bathroom and first splash a lot of water on your face. Then you could brush your teeth. After following this activity, you will feel fresh in the morning.

Step 6: Get dressed for Exercise:

The last step is to get dressed for your morning exercise. Get ready to leave your room and walk out for exercise. After completing your regular exercise, take a hot shower. This process also helps you get a fresh start on the day.
  • Here are just five key Advantages to wake up early in the morning. 
  1. You will be more proactive
  2. You will plan like a professional
  3. You must have more energy all day long 
  4. You should have more hours for your work
  5. You tend to be resistant to fatigue & frustration 
  • Probably Worst Pictures for the Night Owl:
  1. Tend to be the more extravagant, temperamental  attitude
  2. Should suffer Insomnia
  3. More likely to develop addictive behavior, mental disorders & anti-social activity
  4. Night Owl has the tendency to explore  unknown things at night  
  5. Even intend to suicide

Follow the simple steps we discussed to wake up early in the morning, and we hope they will help you.

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