Fabric consumption for Polo shirt:

To get the fabric consumption for the knitted polo shirt calculation, you have to break down every single part of a knitted polo shirt. A basic knitted polo shirt should have the following individual parts:
1. Body parts (Body + Sleeve)
2. Pocket
3. Half-moon
4. Collar
5. Cuff
To calculate fabric consumption for the polo shirt first, we need to follow the polo shirt measurement (also add sewing allowance on it) sheet on the product development manual provided by the buyer
Also, fabric details as below as instructed by the buyer 
  • Body fabric:100% cotton pique fabric for body parts (Body + Sleeve+half moon+pocket ), GSM 200
  • Fabric for collar & cuff 100% cotton Rib (as per buyer swatch) GSM 250 
fabric consumption for Polo shirt
Polo shirt measurement chart

Now apply formula of fabric consumption for Polo shirt :

1. Body Fabric Consumption for the Body & Sleeve:

= (Body Length X Sleeve length) X (1/2 Chest) X2 X GSM X12  KGS/Dozen
= (78 + 28) X 62 X2 X 200 X12  KG/Dozen)
=3.09 Kgs/Dozen

2. Fabric Consumption for Pocket:

= (Pocket Length X Pocket Width) X200X12  Kgs/Dozen
= (13X 12)X 200X12  kgs/Dozen
=0.04 Kgs/Dozen

3. Fabric Consumption for half Moon:

= (Half Moon Length X Half Moon Width) X200X12  Kgs/Dozen
= (19X 11)X 200X12  Kgs/Dozen
=0.05 Kgs/Dozen

4. Fabric Consumption for Collar:

= (Collar Length X Collar Width) X250X12   Kgs/Dozen
= (40X 11)X 250×12  Kgs/Dozen

5. Fabric Consumption for Cuff (per doz polo shit require 24 pcs cuff ):

= (Cuff Length X Cuff Width) X250X24  Kgs/Dozen
= (26X 5)X 250×24  Kgs/Dozen
=0.08 Kgs/Dozen

Let’s add the total consumption for polo shirt (Body+Slv+Pocket+half moon+Collar + Cuff)

= 3.09KG+0.04KG+0.05KG+0.13KG+0.09KG
=3.40 Kgs/Dozen

Now adding fabric wastage 10% on it 

=3.37 Kgs X 1.10
=3.50 KGS/Dozen

So, the total fabric consumption for Polo shirt is 3.50 Kgs/Dozen 

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