Build positive relationships with customers is the company-wide process of building positive connections with your customers, the sum of all customer interactions and experiences. No matter how distinct your and your team’s roles are, every action that leads to a positive customer relationship must be taken by everyone in the company.


Build positive relationships with customers is one of the most effective strategies to survive in business.

Developing a relationship with customers may be complex because each party wants to maximize his time, resources, and investment. A great customer relations strategy delivers tremendous ROI, a crucial factor that boosts clients’ loyalty, and satisfaction. In this post, I will share the strategies of how to build positive relationships with customers and what’s required to sustain a mutually beneficial relationship with an understanding of each other’s business.


1. Follow proper communication channels:

Maintaining open lines of communication goes a long way toward building client loyalty. You must be connected to your clients when they have questions and require your feedback (by phone call, email, text, or whatever other methods (such as Skype or Android apps like What’s App or Viber) are suggested as the most comfortable option).


Make your communication with them about them and their needs, not about yours. This shows your clients that you value them and their opinions. It’s also important to make your clients feel comfortable being open and honest with you. They should feel that their ideas and concerns will be taken seriously.


2. Always strive to exceed expectations:

One of the best ways to build strong relationships with clients is to do a good job. Your product or service must fulfill their needs. Often, exceeding expectations requires just a little extra thought. Always look for ways you could greatly appreciate providing customers with excellent services beyond their expectations. Perhaps your packaging is both beautiful and functional, or maybe your follow-up ensured everything worked as the customer expected.


Your efforts will be rewarded not only in your relationships with them but also in the additional business they bring you.



3. Always Listen to what Customers need:

Have you ever had such a conversation, where you felt like you were not being understood about what customers need? In that case, they start to think that you are either unable to communicate or, even worse) that you don’t really care about their concerns. If they feel like their concerns are not being heard, they will likely be on the way out soon.


 To build positive relationships with customers, you should listen to your client’s requirements and take care of them. Don’t start jumping to solutions before you truly understand their problem.



4. Be Personable:

In all businesses, robotic service providers often fail to get high marks from customers. Even if you are knowledgeable, efficient, and follow all the rules in delivering service, you could end up with a customer who is dissatisfied, if you do not show some degree of humanness.

That means connecting on a personal level, actively listening, and being concerned for your customer’s emotional needs.


5. Take Responsibility for your mistakes:

The worst approach in this situation is to try to hide your mistake and not take corrective action for an immediate solution. Typically, the longer you wait to address an issue with your client, the worse the consequences.

If you take responsibility for the situation early, though, you can stay in the driver’s seat. Your client knows that you have identified the problem and are working on a solution. And when you take charge, even if it was not your fault, you earn your client’s respect.


6. Follow a fair payment policy:

While the buyer is looking to get a fair (not always the lowest) price, the supplier has to ensure he is covering costs and, of course, making a profit. It is not always in the buyer’s interest to negotiate down to the very lowest price; the result can be less trust or loyalty from the vendor.


Buyers maintain long-term relationships with their suppliers whose merchandise quality and payment policies are fair & acceptable to them. by this way, both parties Win-Win situation 

Check customer payment options for the shipped goods as well; typically, payment is made before the goods arrive at their final destination. T/T or letter of credit (at sight or deferred) payment terms are possible. The buyer’s payment terms may have an impact on the price set by the vendor.


7. Fine-tuning the relationship:

Actually, relationship-building works both ways. From a supplier perspective, improving processes in order to better sync with the customer can be key. Most organizations are top-heavy, and sometimes it takes ages to get decisions and to make things happen.

Work as a team, which means there are customer-wise separated merchandising, production, and quality teams, and within each of those teams, there is a team leader who is the main point of contact for the customer. Improving processes is the most important thing. It takes time to understand how to implement it, but it’s definitely worth a lot to build Building positive relationships with customers


8. Be updated for customer requirements:

It’s about keeping up with recent fashion trends and knowing what’s going on in the market. Be able to think of and provide products or services that other suppliers have overlooked.

You must keep your buyer informed of what’s new and what’s for sale and solicit his feedback. Work closely with buyers to ensure that they are always aware of what you are offering in terms of quality and price.


9. Respond Swiftly to the client, ” No Matter What “:

If your customers have needs, wants, or questions, they deserve to be responded to in a timely manner. You should respond swiftly, even if things are not resolved as per their request. Let them know you are working on it to the best of your ability. 

For any critical issues, the best way is to have a live conference on the internet. Speak to your audience to resolve issues, and lastly, thank them for their support.


10. Feel & Show Gratitude to the Customer:

Always be grateful to your customer for selecting you to do their business with them.

You should show your customer a gesture like a ”handwritten thank you note” or “personalized gift.” That may last in the long run if you have a good relationship with your clients.

Try these, 10 best steps to build positive relationships with customers, it surely works.

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