Find garment buyer contact details is not a difficult task anymore, and we have to thank the digitalization of the garment industry for this. But keep in mind that there are big differences between age-old techniques and modern tools.

To determine which methods may best help your business reach new customers, you must first have a thorough understanding of all possible methods that actually work.


Now I’ll share with you how to find garment buyer contact details in order to build positive relationships with customers to generate a sales force for your garment business.

01. Attend fashion trade shows and fairs:

The most efficient methods to find garment buyer contact to attain at fashion shows and fairs.

i) Get updated on upcoming fashion trade show schedules and don’t miss attending them. Buyers are always present there; it’s their part of the job.

ii) Visit garment fairs, events, and conferences; that’s where buyers are present as well.

iii) During the start of any meeting with garment buyers Interchange gently your business card with garment buyers to grow the buyer contact list. 

World Top Fashion trade shows to meet garment buyers physically and grow your network with garment buyers.

Premièr Vision Paris

   Country: Paris, France

IM Intermoda Mexico

  Country: Guadalajara, Mexico

Atlanta Apparel

   Country: Atlanta, USA

 – International Sourcing Expo Australia

    Country: Melbourne, Australia


China International Hosiery Purchasing Expo

  Country: Shanghai, China


  Country: Birmingham, UK


  Country: Hong Kong

 International Apparel & Textile Fair

   Country: Dubai, UAE

02. B2B  Business site:

B2B platform FIBRE2FASHIONIN could be a choice to find garment buyer contact details and generate your sales, especially for those who like to export garments in the US, Europe, China, and the Middle East. There are numerous B2B business sites where you can obtain customer product queries and leads. Get a monthly or yearly subscription plan with this business site. They will manage all of the buyer’s product queries and provide customer contacts to generate further orders. Also, this business platform could best support you by arranging business meetings with customers or online conversations, depending on both parties’ initial cross-matching. 

Create a cool mailing list and begin sending emails to it, referring to the business platform. I hope you can get a quick response for new orders, though the quantity is sometimes less than expected. 

03. Hire Freelance from an online marketplace:

You may have heard the names of the world’s top-ranked freelancing marketplaces, Upwork and Fiverr. Hiring freelancers from these marketplaces will assist you in providing garment buyer contact details and leads as per the agreed price and deadline, which are mutually fixed.

One common issue with this type of contact is that it may be outdated because most of the information has been gathered by search engines and may have been uploaded a long time ago.  You could pay freelancers on a project basis or a weekly basis, as you need.

04. Join Social networks :

Your social media presence, especially on Linkedin will help you most to find garment buyer contact details. Build an awesome Linkedin profile and start inviting demographically targeted garment buyer; once they accept your invitation, you will get their contact details for further communication. By becoming a premium member, you could unlock multiple features, such as unlimited searching and the invitation option.

However, keep in mind that no business should be discussed during the first communication. Developing good relations with customers by showing your strengths & capabilities is the key to getting more business for your company.

Garment buyer contact details
Join LinkedIn & collect gather garment buyer contact information


05. Run bulk email campaign:

To find garment buyer contact details, this is the last piece of advice, but not the least,. Obtaining thousands of customer contacts necessitates the use of some email marketing tools. For mail campaigning and contact with customers, these leads need to be used.

We advised using magic apps named  Lusha and singleHire. Both apps will be available in both paid and free versions. Installing this application on your computer’s browser will be magical because these apps can extract customers’ contact information from their social profiles. We need to compile a list of customer email addresses and phone numbers for the email campaign and further communication.

Now find garment buyer contact details by following the above-proven methods and grab the orders from buyers.


  1. This is inspiring. I am trying to develop my business so, it would be highly appreciated if you could send me the contact list of RMG Customers. I will remain thankful to you!

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