Denim Pant Consumption Calculation (Woven Pant):

To calculate Denim pant consumption (woven denim), let’s consider the pants’ basic measurements as below from the product specification sheet:

Denim pant consumption

1. Calculate denim pant body fabric consumption in yards:

(Pant Length X ½ Thai)X Number of Parts X12  Yds/Dozen

                                 Fabric width X 36

(Note: Fabric width on roll found 57 inches but we must have deducted 1 inch as cutting allowance)

Now, we input the measurement value into the formula:

(55.5 X 15)X 4 X12 Yds/Dozen

          56 X 36

= 19.82 yds/dz

2. Calculate Back Pocket fabric consumption in yards:

Back pocket Length X Back pocket width X Number of Back Pocket X12  Yds/Dozen

                                 Fabric width X 36

(7 X 6.5)X 2 X12 Yds/Dozen

          56 X 36

= 0.54   Yrds/Dozen

3. Calculate Belt loop fabric consumption:

Belt loop height X Belt loop width X Number of parts Number of  loop X12 Yds/Dozen

                                 Fabric width X 36

2 X 1 X2X 6 X12 2 Yds/Dozen

          56 X 36

=0.14 Yrds/Dozen

4. Calculate Front pocket fabric consumption:

Pocket Length X Pocket width X Number of parts X Number of Pocket X122  Yds/Dozen

                                 Fabric width X 36

= (8X 7 X 2 X2X12 Yds/Dozen

 Fabric width X 36

(8X 7 X 2 X2X12 Yds/Dozen

56 X 3

=1.33 Yds/dz

Now we can calculate the total fabric consumption with a wastage of 5%



=22.92 Yds/Dozen (Added wastage 5 %)

Result, the Total fabric consumption per dozen Woven denim pants is 24.59 yds/dozen







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